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Nanatsu no Taizai 12 • 七つの大罪12 • アニメストーリー2014

Eight Fatal Sins (七 つ の 大 罪, Nanatsu Absolutely no. Taizai?, litt. \”Seven Fatal Sins\”) will be prepared in addition to sketched by means of Nakaba Suzuki continuing Japanese manga. It is pre-published within Oct 2012 inside the journal Each week Shōnen Journal associated with Kodansha publisher, in addition to 12 quantities of prints were being released within Oct 2014. The actual This particular language edition will be released by means of Pika Édition due to the fact 03 2014.

A great version animated tv collection made by A-1 Images studio room have been jogging due to the fact Oct 2014.

Nanatsu no Taizai 12

In the property associated with Britannia, the particular Almost holy Knights in battle, troopers using terrifying forces inside the program of the crown, simply betray in addition to overthrow the particular full. At the Liones, another little princess of the full, were able to escape in addition to journeyed intended for help. His solely wish could be the organization of the Eight Fatal Sins, several several past Almost holy Knights in battle crowded out, desired intended for 10 years for any crime they will did not make: the particular killing of the Key General of the Almost holy Knights in battle.

At the happens some day in a very tavern, the particular Boar Head wear, in addition to fulfills the particular tenant, a little daughter son named Meliodas, Hawk in addition to his / her loquacious this halloween. Although, astonish, the particular son has become the particular past scalp of the Eight Fatal Sins, the particular monster associated with Wrath. With each other, they\`ll move in search of one other half a dozen Fatal Sins in addition to seek to unnecessary the particular Almost holy Knights in battle.

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Nanatsu no Taizai 12 • 七つの大罪12 • アニメストーリー2014

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