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you might be a wine drinker

you are a wine buyer many health conscious people wonder whether wine is a medicinlemari asam Many health-conscious men and women wonder whether wine is really a medicinal tonic which benefits their wellbeing or something that needs to be avoided at many costs. Nutritionist Frank Cooper spent couple of years researching the subject of wine and wellness and found several answers. He investigates this medicinal nutritional and environmental issues regarding wine and the health considerations on the chemicals and additives which can be used in wine-making.

The journey starts by revisiting the particular French Paradox as well as why French dishes is protective against heart disease. Professor Serge Renaud’s paper published in your British Medical Journal in 1991 helped bring wines into favour around the world. The good physician a Cardiologist working in the University of Bordeaux reported that 2-3 portions of red wine on a daily basis for males could reduce the risk of cardiovascular system disease by 40%. For women he recommended 1-2 glasses on a daily basis.

The American 62 Minutes Program interviewed the great doctor in 1992 as well as coined the key phrase The French Paradox as the French had even less coronary heart sickness than other american countries yet consumed dieting rich in cholesterol and saturated fats. Also the average cholesterol amount of an older guy in France is actually 235 mg/dl (6. 1 mmol/L) as well as at that amount an American would be reaching for their particular Lipitor.

lemari asam many health conscious folks wonder whether wine is often a medicin

you might be a wine drinker

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