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White Kitchens

White Kitchens Nineteen eighty seven, it was the year of big hair, metal bands, colorful neon clothes, all white kitchens, and the year I first designed one. I can still remember the Formica countertops, laminate cabinets, and wood floors. Absolutely everything besides the floor was white and laminate. I can thankfully say that kitchen design has come a long way, but the desire for a white kitchen hasn\’t changed. In fact it\’s still just as popular as it was twenty four years ago. I find it impossible to believe that white could be considered trendy. To say a white is trendy would

be claiming black cars are trendy. But have black cars diminished off the road? Not at all! It\’s hard to travel a mile without seeing more than one, and in the kitchen industry it\’s hard to get away with not designing at least one white kitchen. White is airy, light, and bright, goes with everything, the definition of something classic. The kitchens can even be accessorized like a pair of shoes or a purse. The realization of accessorizing began in the nineties. Instead of everything being clad in white clients wanted a butcher block island, or an accent color such

as red, green, and black. Then granite was introduced and the horrid Formica countertops disappeared into the abyss. Anything laminate wasn\’t upscale enough and design took a leap away from the taste of the eighties. The only thing customers still wanted, and continue to be a demand today, are wood floors. There are clients today that want a space that makes a statement. A kitchen that is modern and contemporary, as far away from traditional as possible. But I find these clients few and in between. More people say they want something traditional, decorative, and white. Or a room that

is light and airy easily fitting in with the rest of their home. The advantages to white kitchens are endless. You can always repaint a wall, change a cabinet color, or add different colors to your space through frames, decorations, and cookware, while still keeping the classic aged look of white. With white anything can be fresh, anything can be timeless. Especially in the Delmarva area swamped with more history than we can shake a stick at, there\’s a desire to keep the charms of the past. And white is the way to go to have the colonial past remain

while bringing in the fashions, or should I say trends, of today.

White Kitchens

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