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Lee Min Ho 2015 News

After the success of The Heirs and bring Gangnam movie box office in 1970 to Korea, Lee Min Ho is now already thinking about what the project will be taken next. What is it about?

I guess Gangnam 1970 will air in Hong Kong, March. I would like to dedicate this film first and if there is a chance I will hold a concert, \”said Lee Min Ho who was greeted happily by fans of Hong Kong

And finally she reveals what she wants to do this year. \”I want to come back with a variety of projects. I plan on returning to play because I think the fans have been waiting my drama new. I will see you through many projects,\” said Min Ho.
Lee Min Ho 2015

Meanwhile, when arriving at the airport in Hong Kong, Lee Min Ho had difficulty leaving the airport because a lot of fans who surrounded him. Lee Min Ho reportedly had to take the time to thank the fans who have been willing to wait.

Until now unclear what drama will be accepted by Min Ho. but seeing his name is so well known in Asia, we can be sure he received a lot of drama from the producers offer. We wait for the next project of actor Kim Tan this.

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Lee Min Ho 2015 News

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