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toxins in our homes

toxins inside our homes epa studies have established that indoor air numbers of many pollutanlemari asam EPA studies have established that indoor air numbers of many pollutants have least twice of up to outdoor levels. Since many people spend as much as 90% of their particular time indoors that is a significant health concern. The products we use to clean our homes as well as our clothes and also the items we use to cook as well as store our food will often be the source of the health dangers.

In some articles this calendar year NaturalNews will take a look at common household cleaners along with other items found generally in most homes examining both their potential health risks and ways that one could protect yourself. Now we look decrease at our floor coverings and the way you clean them.

Bacterias in vacuums

Within a recent study reported inside journal Environmental Research & Technology Australian researchers looked 21 cleaners made by 11 companies. They found that these people released at lowest some bacteria and also fine dust contaminants. Although six in the machines had HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration systems this was not absolutely a guarantee that the machines would not really release pollution. Overall newer and more pricey machines performed better than older or less costly models with regard to their impact on indoor quality of air.

lemari asam epa studies demonstrate that indoor air amounts of many pollutan

toxins in our homes

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