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Nanatsu no Taizai 15 • 七つの大罪15 • アニメストーリー2015

The Seven Deadly Sins (七 つ の 大 罪, Nanatsu no. Taizai?, litt. \”Seven Perilous Sins\”) is usually created as well as driven simply by Nakaba Suzuki continuing Japan manga. It truly is pre-published inside March 2012 in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Publication associated with Kodansha manager, as well as an even dozen quantities had been unveiled inside November 2014. This This particular language model is usually posted simply by Pika Édition given that March 2014.

Inside the territory associated with Britannia, this Sacred Knights in combat, members of the military with frightening powers in the support from the crown, merely betray as well as overthrow this full. Elizabeth Liones, your third daughter from the full, managed to break free as well as journeyed regarding support. Their simply hope is the corporation from the Several Perilous Sins, a gaggle of more effective ex- Sacred Knights in combat overpowered, sought regarding decade for any criminal offense they would not dedicate: this shooting from the Chief Common from the Sacred Knights in combat.
Nanatsu no Taizai 15

Elizabeth will come eventually in a local bar scene, this Boar Hat, as well as matches this renter, a little daughter son called Meliodas, Hawk as well as his or her loquacious pig. Nevertheless, surprise, this son actually is this ex- mind from the Several Perilous Sins, this dragon associated with Wrath. In concert, they may proceed in search of another half a dozen Perilous Sins as well as attempt to undo this Sacred Knights in combat.

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Nanatsu no Taizai 15 • 七つの大罪15 • アニメストーリー2015

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