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contoh penyakit kutil kelamin wanita

diseases genital warts condyloma acuminata or genderppif you are already infected with the virus that causes this disease and want to know what Read This Gejala Penyakit Kutil Kelamin Wanita Diseases Genital warts Condyloma acuminata or Gender.

If you are already infected with the virus that causes this disease and want to know what kind of sign to be seen if a person has the disease it would be nice if we first do a little research before visiting a doctor and receive treatment. Why knowing a sign or symptom is said to be important because if it does not know it could be worse disease rapidly due to treatment is not immediate. We also need to know that this disease can also lead to the development of cancer of the penis or the uterus.

Signs of genital warts are as follows:

Small lumps of meat in the genital area

Gray swelling in the genital area

Group warts appear as cauliflower

Discomfort or itching generally occur in the genital area

Bleeding during or after sex

Itching On Genital Warts overcome It has been mentioned above is common sign or symptom of genital warts these symptoms may also vary from one person to another there are even some people who do not experience symptoms. The most alarming and please note that the virus that causes the disease can remain there for a long time in the patient’s body. This disease can also be transmitted to others who do not have a previous history of this disease which is most troublesome in pengobatanya because sometimes people also have no symptoms so it is difficult to detect whether this disease genital warts or not.

There should also note that although the disease is generally develop genital warts in the genital area but can also grow in the anus mouth lips throat or any part of the body that have moisture. How to penularanya can occur if someone made contact with infected patients.

If the patient prefers traditional medicine to cure this disease then there are several traditional ways are effective enough to cure but certainly not all of the drug was really effective. Among them is the form of ointments or creams drugs or other herbal prescription drugs that are effective in some cases. But it should also be remembered that most topical medications also have side effects and make this disease because it is not necessarily repeated effective to eliminate the virus in total although wart symptoms can be eliminated. ‘Treatment of genital warts in the anus “

And if this is the case then another treatment that is believed to be more potent is cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart and very painful compared to conventional treatment.

If this medical drug was not considered effective then the patient should switch to herbal treatment methods which are safer but equally effective this material is made from natural ingredients so that the smaller the risk of side effects. Herbal remedies such as these are also easily found in various herbal medicine clinic or online media.


Among some of the misconceptions that often bededar in the community about this disease include:

Women are likely to have HPV infection.

The disease is genital warts are very common throughout the world this disease also did not choose the gender or age which means that both men and women can have HPV genital warts is. Just keep in mind that pregnant women are more prone to experience more severe symptoms of the disease. Women also usually have symptoms that are more noticeable if you are affected by this disease but this does not mean only women who can be a sufferer.

Patients can be infected with HPV only if engaging in unprotected sex.

We certainly know that the disease of genital warts is a sexually transmitted infection and the patient will usually infected through unprotected sex. But we must know that it’s not just the cause of this disease can occur other than through sexual intercourse without a condom disease can also occur through skin contact or mother who is pregnant and passed on to his son. “Healing therapy of genital warts”

Condoms can protect you from HPV infection

It has been known that the condom is effective enough to protect a person from the disease but even though condoms may provide some form of protection against HPV transmission there are still likely to cause genital warts. Because the cause of this disease is a virus it can be easily spread through direct contact with the skin. So even if you wear a condom during sexual intercourse with a person infected with HPV the virus can still be transmitted because condoms do not cover the entire male genitalia.

Ciri Ciri Penyakit Kutil Kelamin Pada Wanita diseases genital warts condyloma acuminata or genderppif you are already infected with the virus that causes this disease and want to know what

contoh penyakit kutil kelamin wanita

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